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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Defining Hardcore and Casual

Many people who play MMO's tend to describe the way they play as either being Casual or Hardcore. The unfortunate part of people defining themselves under such terms is that it is inherently vague. Am I Casual when I log on three times a week to raid for a couple of hours and mange to clear a raid or does logging on five times a week for a couple of hours and not clearing a raid make me casual. Like I said before Casual and Hardcore is a vague description where you hope the person you are talking to believes the same underlying description of Casual and Hardcore.

For the purposes of this blog I will try to avoid labeling tasks and/or people as Hardcore or Casual. How I differentiate tasks and/or people will be through firstly skill and secondly time dedication. When I talk about skill I am usually referring to % of people who attempt something that are able to complete it.

For example the Raiders who got the first Heroic Lich King kill are both highly skilled and dedicate alot of time. Where as the guy's who got the 500th Heroic Lich King kill are highly skilled and less dedicated time wise as the first kill.

In short when on this blog try not to label tasks as being Hardcore or Casual oriented. There is a grey area in between that is better labeled through skill requirement and time. Try to stick to those.

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